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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Prelude : I've been gone for like, a week! I think I was just totally jinxed last week, and voila! I'm here again! :)

Why Economic Models Don't Work, While Other Beauty Regimens Don't, Too.

While I was in college, studying, and religiously applying makeup to impress my crush ( hehehe ), Economics was such a fascinating thing to study about. There were models that promised to alleviate property, some mathematical models that explained how investments can generate employment, and the most exciting thing that I have ever learned - that taxes, actually improve the economy - physically ( roads, infrastructure ), and "spiritually" - improving human life condition ( alleviating poverty, more funds for education, etc. ). But I don't see it that much. Super, duper weird. Let's just try to point out the reasons, WHY.

One of the most fun, and idealistic textbooks to read, are books in Economics. We were made to solve alot of problems, both mathematically, and logically. Economics is almost perfect since Mathematics is a vital part of Economics - and Mathematics is one of the most beautiful things ever created - it IS exact science. Everything that can be translated into Mathematics can be solved. Therefore, with Economics, every problem in the economy can be solved by Economic models with Math. Right? Wrong? Both are to be considered.

Right , in the sense that yes, everything that has math in it can be solved, and can be implemented with perfection, but there's one point wrong there. In Economics classes, we were taught the term "ceteris paribus". This intimidating-sounding term ( that is not too intimidating really, so please keep on reading) means "holding all things constant". For Economic models to work, we must "fix" it at a situation that everything is OKAY. No corruption, no political instability, no non-mathematical disturbances, or to be honest, no human frailty. We fix it at the assumption that all humans are rational, and they're all good and nice, with the hopes of improving their welfare as well as the nation's :)

Case and point? Economics, and economic theories WORK only in our dreams. Upon waking up, it's all but a dream, a nice dream.

Okay, then. I have to refute my statement again. Here's my corrected statement. Economic theories WORK on Economies that don't have the following - CORRUPTION, AND POLITICAL INSTABILITY.

They're definitely grave hindrances for Macroeconomic models to work ( I'm talking about a larger scale of Economics here- the more complex Macroeconomics. Microeconomics is definitely all in our daily lives ). No matter how you try to increase your taxes to redistribute wealth in this country, if the affluent part of the economy gets away with tax evasion, and the more less fortunate has no choice but to pay taxes ( taxes, are everywhere. Jollibee, McDonalds... ), then it doesn't make sense again. If alot of taxes are collected, there might be a great hope for a better future - but if they just fall into the pockets of the greedy, then again, the main goal of taxes prove to be a failure. So there, this country is so tired of paying taxes and getting nothing out of it. Taxes have never been seen so negatively than this country ( which is my perception ).

In a clean Economy - well, let's define "clean" - no corruption, or the most minimal one and no political instability, results are more visible. Taxes, of course, are taken with less hostile acceptance, and you can see why - their children have access to free education, there is unemployment benefits thanks to the government, and so forth. That's so great, right? I wish some people would just quit being obsessed over money - or EARN their own money the dignified way, as I may say.

So, is there any sense that Filipinos study Economics? Definitely. Microeconomics - for them to make the most out of their purchasing, and business decisions, and Macroeconomics- to be more aware why we are like this, and realize, that somehow, there is still hope.

BEAUTYNOMICS-WISE, Why do some Beauty Regimens don't work? There are key behaviors with human beings that hinder efficient beauty regimens - the "L" words - LAZINESS, LIFESTYLE, and LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

Skipping your beauty regimen, just because you're so sleepy already? Forgot to remove your makeup before sleeping? Skipped your daily moisturizer since you hate that sticky feeling? How about your weekly mud pack? Goodness gracious. You don't know what you are missing. And you complain why your beauty regimen doesn't work? It's a religion, for goodness' sake. ( haha don't take me seriously, you have to apply and do it "religiously!" ). Skin needs to be really clean and given necessary treatment before bed. Skin needs to be prepped well before starting the day. Skin needs to be cleansed off all the dirt accumulated at the end of the day. Skin needs to "drink" water - hydrated. So there ya go, please please, don't put your skin care regimen into second priority, unless you're willing to sport a zit, or dull skin on chosen days.

I don't seek to insult anyone, but believe me, one shouldn't always depend on TV commercials, and try everything that are in TV commercials with their false promises. Those products are backed up with a marketing plan - and a huge budget on advertisments to lure consumers to try them , is one of them. I mean, anything to lure people to them. But the thing is, they don't really give the effects as promised, since not all people are well-suited for those kinds of products. I can't dictate what products YOU should buy since we don't have the same skin * well, I can always suggest..check out previous, and future posts! * , but I can tell you what NOT to buy :

- for powders, avoid TALC. TALC might be found in body powders ( for babies ), but it actually makes skin break out and is comedogenic ( can clog pores ) for the face. Settle for either rice starch, or mica, which are non-comedogenic and WAY finer in texture. Your skin's gonna be safe, and would not look cakey at all :)
- avoid comedogenic ingredients. Believe it or not, there are some makeup in the market that just makes you break out. Always check the "ingredients" used in manufacturing the makeup. Whenever I see any freaky looking word like oil, I freak out.

Other BAD BAD ingredients are mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate ( can cause some irritation ), and parabens ( anything with the suffix paraben, it's kind of a preservative, but can damage skin in the long run )

For a list of safe cosmetics, check it out here

No matter how hard you try washing your skin, and applying products, they're no use if you don't get help from within. Within your body, that is. The glow that a healthy body possesses cannot, ever, outshine the artificial glow given by makeup.

Some tips :
- One great secret on how to make skin glow, from within, is drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Your skin would certainly break out or look really tired without water.
- Sleeping early , also, helps your skin get the rest that it needs, and be really fresh the next day
- Fresh fruits and vegetables can also help your skin look fresh, and glowing. Green, leafy vegetables, are the way to go!
- Exercise can improve not only your body ( say sexy! ), but also promote better blood circulation - it rids you off your old cells, turns over new ones, and will reveal really healthy skin. Sweat, also makes us get rid of all our body impurities . :)

This just goes to show that skin care products and makeup take care of the job skin-deep. Internal beauty regimens, like adapting a great lifestyle would also help, and reveal a more beautiful you!

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