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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ack!!! I've been itching to write something substantial in my blog, but my biggest hindrance - I have no strength anymore! hahaha :) My secretary left for Dubai, Saudi, or some middle eastern country to work (YES! Brain-drain. The Philippines, in no time, will be a whole lot short of skilled, and talented labor! Wah...) , and left me loadsful of work, with a new secretary that doesn't know a thing that I have to teach her everything! I had to battle with my undereye circles by applying eyecream everyday, and loose powder to make my skin a little bit less stressed- not to mention my moisturizing lipstick to hide my pale valor. With this, concealer is the bestfriend I can ever have ( for my undereyes ). I'm halfway on my draft for my next entry, and I hope you watch out for it!

Just a thought - in lieu of my next entry - is there any sense that Filipinos study Economics? :)

Tata, I can hear my boss screaming!

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