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Saturday, February 11, 2006


I woke up today with the feeling of stress. Nothing ever compares to the irritating and defeating feeling that you get from a late night's sleep and stress. God help my body, my soul, and my undereye circles. Today, I'd be attending a wedding ( my schoolmate slash close friend's bro ), and as my bestfriend Angel jokingly tells me, I need an hour prep- time to finish all my "ceremonies" - picking out a dress, showering, and of course, the greatest of them all - applying makeup and fixing my hair. Some people might think it's absurd, some people might prefer sporting a no-makeup look, but I am no way of getting there looking as if I didn't exert any effort in looking good for a wedding. It's a rude thing to go underdressed, like I hate seeing people wearing jeans, attending a wedding reception ( blame it on my Max Factor employee aunt who always told me that ). As if I'm the one who's getting married! hehe :)
I'm gonna be in full coverage today ( my face, I can't be full-coverage-clothed. That's boring! )
With my current stressed state, my mind is blank. I've prepared entries which are very informative ( economics and beauty-wise ) but are lengthy - I doubt anyone would read them by the weekend. So if anyone has any trouble with economic terms, type in your comment, and let's see what I can do to make it easier :)
Anyway, back to my preparations.

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