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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tragic Poverty and My Diminishing Marginal Utility of my Fondness for Makeup

Something happened today that made me really stricken. Wowowee, the country's leading noontime variety show, was supposed to have its Anniversary Celebration today, but was postponed because of the death that the event caused - 79 people. Isn't it ironic, dont you think? ( Alanis Morisette might have sung this if she knew about this ).

Wowowee is the Philippines' daily noontime savior for poor people - it gives them fleeting entertainment, taking some of the hardships of their lives away for two hours everyday. When I meant savior, I didn't mean that in the poetic sense like I described above. Wowowee gives so much hope to the poverty-stricken people in the country by giving out cash ( and I mean , BIG cash! , thanks to the sponsors) , dollars ( thanks to the OFW's who watch via TFC ), and even homes ( thanks again to their sponsors. ). With Wowowee, fruit vendors can become instant millionaires before they can even finish wiping their sweats off their faces, street children can have a good month's worth of food supply and educational scholarship - a good future for the selected some , and so forth. Wowowee has been regarded by the hopeless poor people as their saving grace - the only thing that can alleviate them from their miserable state, one vehicle that would zoom them way above the poverty line. So everyday, ABS-CBN is flocked with thousands of poor people lining up to participate in Wowowee. Well, that's about it.

But today was different - with the Anniversary to be held today, HUMONGOUS prizes were at stake - taxis, jeepneys, homes, and cold cold cold cash. Sky is the limit, and there will be certainly some who will walk away being not poor anymore, or even richer than me. ( and I'm not even rich ) With the biggest cool deal of the year, thousands of people flocked to ULTRA since Friday, until today. Little do these people know that they just risked their lives today.
Someone shouted, "bomb! ", and as soon as panic rose, a stampede happened - I am imagining a horse stampede can kill people, but a people stampede actually killed 79 people. Goodness gracious. Event postponed, still alot of participants begging Wowowee to go on. Willy Revillame, the host, definitely speechless.

This just made me realize that poverty was a grave problem in our country. Some people could actually risk their lives for money. Crime is still rampant, robbery very much in fashion. It's the survival for the fittest for a decent meal a day, and..sigh, I don't want to go on.

Now, that decreased my ( can i say this? ) libido for makeup. If I were shopping today, and suddenly heard the news, I would have dropped the luxury item I was holding even if it was a prized Shu Uemura 24k Eyelash curler. I just experienced decreasing marginal utility. It means that the more you spend, the less you enjoy the thing you just bought. Some cases include getting tired of the product you're using, or just some things that trigger you not to want the thing you bought anymore.

I asked myself, am I willing to kill, and die for makeup, skin care, and haircare, and anything else beautiful? Certainly not. But I'd die if I don't have at least a basic set here at home! No matter what happens, I must still have my essentials namely :

: skin care : Facial Wash, Toner, Blemish Control, Moisturizer with SPF
: makeup : Tinted Moisturizer, Dual Foundation, Loose Powder, Eyelash Curler, Lipgloss ( the most basic shade- maybe nude ), Blush ( Nars Orgasm at least ), even with no Eyeshadow, I think I'll live.
: haircare : just my shampoo and conditioner. umm...I'm dying to include my Hair masque.

So, as long as I am stricken by this even that happened, no additions to my makeup kit. At least I have enough at home! hehe :)

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