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Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Kikay Economic Awakening

One cold, airconditioned day on my Basic Economics class, I heard my soft-spoken, yet cute (it's a she! she's adorable ) professor passionately profess,

"Economics is everywhere. It IS human behavior. You can relate it to just about anything - business, law, and even entertainment and beauty."

Fine, fine, it totally made sense that economics was sooo insync with business and law. Businesses are a part of the economy, and laws, believe it or not, have economic underlyings before they're made. I googled them, found some links useful, and shrugged them off. Upon searching for the term "Beauty and Economics ", I was surprised that no one ever really "heavily" touched on this matter. All I found was "Beauty Pageants and Economics" (huh? I don't like the sound of this ).

So there, it basically started from there. Upon having scarce resources on the matter that I was most curious about, I just made my own dreamworld. Personally relating economic theories to all my kikay ( Filipino word for being adorably vain ) behavior.
I finished that Basic Economics course with a smile on my face. Beauty, and Economics, are like colors shades of makeup. Some makeup artists, narrow-minded as they are, stick to the "rules" , and impose that "this shade will not match with this shade " thing. However, some cool makeup artists like the late Kevyn Aucoin ( God Bless his genius soul ) didn't follow the mainstream and experimented - and later found out that there are no rules in makeup. Beauty and Economics are mistaken to be clashing shades of eyeshadow and lipgloss , but will actually work ONLY if you do it well! and think hard!!! :)
So next time you walk down the street, and see a friend buying coffee, try to think of an Economic thought that would fit her. Sounds nerdy, but hey, it actually helps your grades! :P

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An economics graduate that always hated her math
but loved her theories.
Believes that Economics can be found in :
- the bathroom
- in front of your vanity mirror
- an in every place beautiful.

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