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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Me, Economics, and Vanity

I've been horribly vain all my life. Experimental with skin care and makeup since age 11, had my first breaktout at age 13, made the mortal mistake of popping my zits, and doomed with the eternal task of repairing my flawed skin until I see fit. If there was someone who thought about makeup all the time, it was me. Wishlist ? The lipgloss that Kate Hudson wore on the magazine cover of Cosmo. Dream occupation? Makeup artist. Favorite store at the mall? anywhere there's makeup, skin care and hair products. Favorite topic to talk to friends? Makeup, that they only remember sending me an SMS when they are needing advice on what good makeup to buy. Favorite morning activity? Cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturize.

See, I'd rather sleep in a pile of makeup ( combination includes NARS, MAC, Prescriptives, Shu Uemura, VMV, and more ) even if I'll get scratches from their square edges rather than sleeping on a matress. I'd scrimp on buying clothes for makeup. I'd rather starve myself with yogurt for lunch to be able to afford my latest product that I'm eyeing on. Even if I had my skin a little flawed on my younger years ( which I'll discuss later on ), I'm willing to splurge to conceal, camouflage and repair it to the most I can do. I wanna look like Kate Hudson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kate's the greatest! I would trade all my third world glory to be
her! Well, it's a hard bargain, but I try! :P

Everyone who knew me got the shock of their lives when they heard that I was taking up Economics. " Huwaaat? Economics? You wanna be the President of this country one day? " Sheesh! I was told that Business Management would be more acceptable to me since I was a born businesswoman - boldly selling makeup and skin care here and there with my guards down - heck, why would I be shy about earning money? It's a dignified business! No one understood the fascination I had for the law of supply and demand, the blatant misconceptions of international trade, and the IS-LM curve . Everyone thought that Economics was all about being patriotic for our country, being stuck in the academe for life, either studying more wormy math and teaching, or being the mathsy person bombarded with equations so complex I can only stare at them, donate a frozen smile, and walk away.

Little did they know that I had a secret dreamworld of economics - filled with beautiful faces, beautifully made-up people, and a whole buncha products that make you look better, and definitely feel better! ( The magnet of mirrors are people who just applied makeup! ). I see economics with colorful eyeshadow and lip palettes, oil-free foundations, non-alcohol toners, SPF, and microdermabrasion! Whee!

Okay, now that actually sounded insane.

Well, indeed, Economics is everywhere! And for me, it's on the cosmetics counter, skin care product centres, salons, and even the nearest online store! ( think Ebay! haha :) ) I am so convinced that every behavior of people, is influenced by economics. No exception, even the beauty industry and its consumers ( ahem, ahem ) !
In my next post, I shall write a story on how I came about this crazy idea that two clashing ideas are actually long lost sorority, giggling sisters.
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