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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ode to My Favorite Thing

Found this passionate poem that I wrote while I was still in college. My professor told us to write what we really were passionate about, and I was surprised that only I wrote about this topic! ( Ehem..guess what? ) I also wrote love poems but they were useless. At least, my subject also loved me back , as compared to stupid-unrequited-love-poems!

Ode to my Favorite Thing - (guess what? )

My life had changed
The moment I knew you existed
You transformed this pale, lifeless color of a lass
Into an overnight masterpiece
My loneliness , you mask by a whole new layer of confidence
My nature , you perfect by a mere dab of flawlessness
My sleepless nights, you conceal with your creamy touch of radiance
My personality of pale further flushed with a color of life
My best features, you enhance with your boost of pearly glow
Because of you,My beliefs in love are further enhanced by the reddish tint of smile
My innocent smile is transformed into the lips of a temptress
My flaws are covered by the caring affection of a friend
My dry puckers are further nourished with a wet shine of seduction
You proudly line me up with the goddesses of beauty
You comfort me with your sweet strokes
Your colorful love never fails to make me feel good
For I am bound to you and you are bound to me
Until the day endsI lay in slumber, we part with sorrow
You’re washed away with my torrents of tears
I see myself in the mirror that I could not recognize
Sometimes I feel empty when you’re not around
For you only bring color to my faint soul
But tomorrow, I shall embrace you again
As the world embraces me
With you

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