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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Supply and Demand , and some Niche for Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day Mr. Ferrero! Gimme some love!

With exactly 7 days before the much-awaited special occasion for lovers, I can't help but wonder how much that special day affects ALOT of people.

Mentally - People start to lose focus, start daydreaming of their fantasy dates
Physically - as their souls leave the physical realm, eyes looking at something yet not really looking ( haha)
Physically ( take two ) - People take extra effort to look extra good, start looking at mirrors ( this is my usual routine, but I can't blame others if they dont do that), some girls apply more makeup, some guys actually SHAVE after a Paleozoic era, and some unhygienic people actually hold their annual baths.
Emotionally - You see alot of smiling faces everywhere, smiling at the wall, smiling at the bathroom's smile season! ( just, please, brush ya teeth!!! )
....It's, til it hurts - Smile, til you bump into the wall! hahaha :)

Well, that's about it. I'm not here to insult Valentines Day. It's a sweet day! :) It's also a day economists fearlessly forecast some stuffs ( that are bound to happen anyway)

You can see that for that isolated day of the year, demand curve is similar to that of Christmas - the only difference is, ALL items fly off the shelves during Christmas, and for Valentines, selected items only! ( it's like a sale ( without the discounts )! Selected items vs. all items! haha :) ) Selected items are roses, some flowers , chocolates, I-love-ya cards, and..oh gosh, how can I forget? those cute, adorable , huggable stuffed toys!

So that's why they're priced ridiculously high during Valentine's day, and yet people still buy them. The demand shoots wayyy up ( not as high as Christmas', it was very very impressive last year! ). As they say, the higher the demand ( the more people who are willing to buy ) , the higher the price, given a constant supply ( of course, suppliers try their best to produce/manufacture ALOT but they can't accomodate everyone! roses wither too, u know :( ) . People actually are willing to pay THAT high to please their significant others. I guess there are some things that money can't buy...or rather, too expensive to maintain! hahaha:) (Naughty Juliet! Stop the sarcasm.)

That's the majority's part of the story. I mean, I can already hear those swoons coming, those high-pitched exclaims ...ahhh!!! Eternal mushiness!!!

Okay, so to the niche part.

Way back in college ( as if it was a long time ago, I just graduated! yet I've forgotten all about my Mathematical Economics already. hehe ), as Valentines' day drew near , our org was supposed to do a fundraising project. The girl I was partnered with had a boyfriend, and I had none ( I think I was crushing over some nerd in my Business class back then and I think I was competing with him in terms of grades. HAHA how nerdy ). Well, as expected, my girl-partner wanted to sell fresh flowers, and oh-so-adorable bears. Me, I felt...strange! I was single, how am I suppose to survive that day without humiliation that I'm walking alone to class, to my booth, and while waiting for my driver? Somehow I knew there were girls like me too, dreading the awful day that they have to face...ALONE.

So I felt like Zee Savior of those pitiful girls, and thought of an amazing idea for my fund-raiser - kikay stuffs for girls!!!! I mean, who wouldn't want to splurge on oneself for Valentines' day when everyone's giving gifts to each other? I mean, are you just expected to WATCH those couples as they do the PDA, and other girls walk like contestants of Binibining Pilipinas with their bouquet of flowers, to complete it all, they could just wave, and wear a tiara! hehehe :)

So yes, my fundraiser did well, my business partners and I had a blast. We just realized there were alot of girls who wanted to feel accepted, and not really so alone during the Day of Hearts. I mean yeah, we hear them all the time, "Valentines is not just a day for lovers, but also for friends, family, etc. " So how come it is SO darn magnified that Valentines day is PRIMARILY for lovers? Goodness gracious, I need to shop for makeup, my head's boiling hot! hahaha! :)

So for the girls , there is NOTHING, i repeat, NOTHING to be ashamed about being alone on Valentines day. Dress up your prettiest, and come to school / work breathtakingly beautiful. Start feeling better about yourself! Makeup, is definitely an anti-depressant. Well, so much the preacher that I am, if you're still a little bit depressed ( Zee inevitable emozion ), fine, go hide. Steer away from restos, they're fully booked. Steer away from hotel buffets, you'll see couples everywhere! Go and hide in these places :

- the cosmetics counter ( and TRY to love yourself , buy some makeup, sweetie! Let the Makeup Adviser give you some love! )
- the grocery ( cook yourself up a fabulous feast!, i think couples overprocastinate over this, so they probably bought their supplies earlier! )
- your vanity mirror ( open your makeup book and put on some makeup, OF COURSE ON A CLEAN, AND MOISTURIZED FACE, smile at the mirror, and you'll see that someone actuall y smiles back and is happy about how you look )
- the bed. Light some aromatherapy candles, lie down, count lipglosses, este sheep, and have some sweet dreams!

If you have no one to give to this Valentines day, go shopping for mommy, daddy, siblings, and of course, you! Here's my suggestions for gifts this coming Valentines day! :) ( Uh..I'm turning this into Christmas, but heck, people love gifts anyway )

For the mom :

Bare Escentuals Foundation with SPF 15

It doesn't cling to your wrinkles! It glides, glides, and glides. It takes years off your face with this all-natural mineral makeup. No fillers, just pure minerals that are definitely good for your skin

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of course, we can always share! *snicker*

For the dad :

Nu Skin Exfoliant Scrub

Dads hate exfoliating! I mean, MEN! They really need some educating to do about the wonders of exfoliating! They need to slough those dead skin cells off their face. Believe me, it works miracles! They tend to look really fresh, their skin clearer after exfoliating. Nothing beats Nu Skin, with luxurious marine diatoms gently scrubbing off your face without the abrasive ouch. They're spherically-shaped exfoliators! :)

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exfoliating is PERFECTLY okay for straight men, okay? :P

For the adorable siblings :
( they're supposed to share everything! )

a set of Lancome Juicy Tubes - they soo look good on the lips! Luscious lips, here we come!!! ( it's not Christmas naman, so I can not splurge too much on em! hehe:) )

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these are pefect for teeners who like sheer lippies. They've got some hints of color, though not too much. :)

And last but not the least....

MAC Lipglass in Prrrr

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Never got over my obsession with the Lychee Luxe ( hot pink never dies! ), but I'm willing to try this one! :)Prr just sounds so sexy, looks so seductive, so here's to the vampilicious me!!! :)It's actually a milky baby pink gloss that goes with any smokey eye makeup! Paris Hilton and I finally have something in common, this lipgloss! ( that was a shallow statement, but I was deeply gratified! haha )

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