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Monday, February 06, 2006

My Puffy Eyes Started With a Kiss

After taking my morning shower, I glanced myself at the mirror ( of course, my daily routine! ), and got somehow frightened at my slightly puffy eyes, also slightly swollen. I remembered that I just let Sunday(yesterday) pass me by, by beauty sleeping for a good 6 hours from 1 pm to 6pm, instead of going to the mall and picking out my latest experiment on this eye cream to help my bags go away.

I somehow got alarmed at the fact that by just sleeping late, I could get such horrendous effects on my face! Yes, I've been sleeping late for a number of Sunday nights already. Why? Because It Started With a Kiss.

It Started With a Kiss is a Taiwanese Telenovela about a clumsy, not so smart, but very cheerful, infectious, and hopeful girl ( and she's cute, too ), falling in love one way with a very handsome, inherently intelligent, but stiff and mean guy. Alot of spur of the moment innocent kisses that would drive you mad! It's a mixture of comedy, laughter, and drama ( it's hilarious! I swear! ) It's a must-see telenovela for girls who have been swooning and desperately hoping that their I-can't-reach-ya crushes would like them back someday, for this telenovela just hit me so bad that I cried buckets last night when the guy, after 5 long years of the girl's constant trying to win him, finally says I love you to her because the girl wanted to move on already and he couldn't bear it.

"Ariel is an innocent and optimistic girl in highschool. Ever since she saw Joe (for some reason I thought his name was Brian) at the school's welcoming ceremony, she falls for this guy who is known as a genius with an IQ of 200. She has had a crush on Joe for 2 years and finally decides that she wants to let him know in the middle of the school. But he rejects her love letter infront of everyone and she becomes the school joke.

As Ariel moves into her new home with her father, the house collapses after an earthquake. Fortunately, her dad's highschool friend offers his help and invites them to live with him and his family. Ariel never imagined that this uncle is actually Joe's dad! As fate has brought them together, the two of them begin a new life together under the same roof.

Known as Taiwan's number 1 genius, there is almost nothing that can stump Joe. Everything is always within his control. Ariel's appearance is like an out of control tornado, turning his existing lifestyle upside down. But Ariel's naive nature to give it all and just go for it causes Joe to begin thinking about his own life and future. Meanwhile, without him realizing it, he slowly begins to have feelings for Ariel..."
- from AsiaFanatics Forum

I just wish that the schedule wasn't so bad. It started 10 pm and ended 12 midnight. And again, it had reruns on its early episodes which runs from 12 midnight to 1: 30 am! Goodness. I had no choice but to follow and stay awake because its schedule is Taiwan's ( or China's? ) @ CTV Channel 67. Following another time zone is so hard to do!

Upon reflection , I just noticed that the Taiwan telenovelas have decreased, and shrinked from the local TV screens ever since Korean telenovelas started pouring in. I only see Amazing Twins ( I've got a crush on Jimmy Lin since Grade Five..sigh. ) I must say, they're missing alot. There's alot of cool telenovelas, contemporary ones, from Taiwan, that are so hot in Asia right now. There's even the next hottest guy, very much compared to Jerry Yan as of the moment, but I don't find him cute! He's a mix of Robin Padilla and someone. Here's a pic :

Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm still for Joe Cheng of It Started With a Kiss! Totally loving him right now!
He's sooo dreamy ( onscreen, but offscreen, that's another story ) - I'm so for guys who are so smart, articulate, and of course, cute! Here's his picture :

Image hosting by Photobucket

Joe is just someone I want to be with! Wah...If I were to meet him for the first time, I think I would have to book a hair and makeup appointment with makeup genius Lala Flores to make me naturally flawless! ( and it actually costs alot to have a natural look :P )

Here, another lesson in tradeoff : be sure that you know what you're going into!

I traded a good night's sleep and my eyebags for a wonderful show that made me feel so young again ( duh,as if I'm old! Well..) Sometimes one has to set aside her vanity for some emotional entertainment. ( I can temporarily cover my eyes with my lethally creamy concealer, of course )

It just feels good to fall in love! Better watch the first episode at YouTube ( search It Started With a Kiss ) , and see for yourself! :) Grr..the Valentines bug has crawled on me! Nooooooooo.....

Til then pretty people!

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