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Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Squeaky Clean Face Thinking About Poverty

It was a Saturday night at home for me - didn't feel like going out with this gloomy atmosphere. Just after I did my night routine - cleanse, exfoliate ( just because it's a Saturday ), tone, treat, and moisturize with my favorite water-based products, I still could not sleep, for I have been thinking about the Wowowee Tragedy. Watching TV awhile ago, it can be seen that alot of people were saddened by what happened. More than saddened. People were in grief. And I could hear the howling winds outside my window empathizing with the miserable outcome of this day.

I read MyePinoy's blog entry about the Wowowee Tragedy and it made me think more. Poverty had long been one of the most pressing problems in this country. In my Economic Development textbook, there were alot of suggestions to alleviate poverty such as free education for the poor to be able to be educated and get jobs in the future, and certainly more support from the government such as housing projects and more. They all seem to easy and nice to the ears, but in reality, the economic formulas that are effective are only confined inside the textbooks. As the economic nerds ( like me ) say it, there are alot of other factors ( non-quantifiable in nature ) that affect the economic equation that causes its collapse.
In real life, economic equations don't necessarily give a great result. Mathematics is an exact science, but being human isn't.

Corruption is one great factor that can hinder any economic equation or economic theory from happening as it is described in text books. For example,the recent fiscal measures (contractionary), dictated higher tax rates @ 12% EVAT. This must make a good impact, although in the long run, but the pressure is on the present administration to show us changes, since they charged a whole lot higher to the citizens of this country. If we don't see good roads, better infrastructures, and better public services ( as a tool for poverty alleviation ), then the EVAT would be assumed to be meaningless and definitely useless - the potential revenue and budget for more productive things to be done for our nation to be shoved deep inside the pockets of our greedy politicians who never thought about anyone else but themselves.

Debt-servicing is one of the burdens that our generation must face ( even if the debts were long long ago...feel sorry for my future kids ), and it's just in perfect timing - when the economy is bad, we put our money in non-interest producing and stagnant activity as debt-servicing. One advantage must be, at least, we're still okay in the eyes of the International scene.)
I wonder if they get to sleep at night with what they're doing. Or they just don't have conscience's.

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