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Thursday, February 09, 2006

GDP, GNP , and my VMV

One of the more confusing terms for basic Economics students and even non-economics students are the terms, GDP and GNP. Luckily, we're so based in the ever-creative country called the Philippines, that the term GDP, is natively defined as, "Gawa ( made ) Dito ( here ) sa Pilipinas ( in the Philippines ). I think that just made it easier for everyone. And another term, GNP- Gawa ( Made ) ng ( by ) Pilipino ( Filipinos )

GDP is all the output of the Philippines. Everything made in the Philippines, even products foreign firms who are based here and manufacture products, their products are considered as our GDP.

GNP is all the income of the citizens of that certain country. Wherever their firms are based, as long as they're citizens, and listed as this certain country's mother office, it's their GNP.

Well, to make it easier for you and for me ( of course, ) I have noted a very signature example of one of the contributors of GNP and GDP in the country, and also , in the beauty industry! ( How can I resist ? *wink* )

One proudly Philippine brand I can boast of is the cosmetics brand VMV Hypoallergenics.

VMV Hypoallergenics is a brand that is proudly Filipino that already made it big internationally. Markets include Hispanic America, and more ( I saw alot of pictures and testimonials of foreigners in their magazines! ) I mean, however could you get away with having the term "hypoallergenic" in your brand? That's almost unheard of. The brand name itself sounds so promising since alot of women ( of course, even men ) are looking for a brand that they wouldn't have the trouble of "trying first" before knowing if they're sensitive or allergic to it, or not. If the brand name is such a gem, why didn't other brands also follow and name their brands " Juliet Hypoallergenics"?

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Because the term "hypoallergenic" is such a serious term , and not to be toyed with, you have to pass strict international validation standards to be able to use that term, and VMV passed! ( coolness ) It's the first brand to be validated like such. :)

They take into great consideration the top ten allergens, and PROPERLY LABEL their products with a rating of some sort , which informs the readers if the top ten allergens are absent in this product, or only 9 allergens are not included in the product. As much as possible, their goal is to have a product that would have no allergens at all, but of course it's still a challenge. How convenient can that be for the consumers? VERY! (hehe : ) )

Their products range from skin care ( a dermatologist owns this brand so , I could expect much ) that don't look like the conventional derma-unbranded stuff that I'm not so crazy about, body care, and cosmetics! :) Heck , they even have this really greasless SPF (Armada), which has the highest protection against the harmful rays of the sun! (SPF 70 ). Their cosmetics line is FAB. The face powders don't look cakey on the skin! That's an outrage for a price like that! Even an American drugstore brand ( still not disclosing, email me to know ), sells their foundation @ 800, makes me look like a cornstarch model! ( You know what i mean )

And last but not the least, the pricing. It's very affordable, and yet not cheap ( careful on the term, cheap connotes poor quality, so I hate using this term unless situation calls for it ) I think the foundations costs around 600 bucks, refills a whole lot affordable, Skin Care around a thousand a set ( which is a great buy ! ), etc ( Check the counters, they're at SM, PCX, and at leading department stores! )

One thing more - it's a Filipino brand - so shades are well-suited, primarily, ( did I hear that right? We're in first priority? ) - for US!! Yipeedoodles :)

This brand has performed well here and internationally, that they have an online store already

So, how does VMV contribute to GDP? ( Teacher mode ) . VMV manufactures their products IN the Philippines, so it's considered a contributor of the Gross National Product. Simple as that! :)

So , how about GNP? The owner, is a Filipino citizen. Therefore, VMV contributes to GNP! :)

So what if VMV really hits it so big ( I hope ) and expands and goes to Brazil ? Since the owner is still Filipino, if the products are still manufactured in the Philippines, it's still the Philippines' GDP and the Philippines' GNP.

It only becomes Brazil's GDP if VMV decides to have a laboratory there where they can manufacture cosmetics in Brazil instead of importing from us. :)

This might sound idiotic, but I think I had more fun thinking of VMV's makeup ( Love the foundation )! hahaha :) It's just so fine, I think it's one of the best Filipino brands in the market, if not , the best. :) Sometimes I am afraid to check out other Filipino brands because they're priced so low ( too low ) that I get dubious about its ingredients, if it has too much fillers ( think extenders for cooking ), or it has ingredients that are not so beneficial to the skin ( and of course, I see the faces of the gets me scared :( ) . With VMV, at least it's a dermatologist's brand. :) ( They even have a clinic @ Makati! )
Check it out yourselves! It's perfect for everyone :)

Must- Try Products according to Juliet ( Don't you notice I keep on plugging products within my blog entry that it became so darn incoherent? lets segregate! )

Image hosting by Photobucket
Makeup for the women
They're stackable! Aren't they adorable?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Id Line for the Men
Believe it or not, it also targets chicken skin! Perfect for men who shave :)

- VMV Armada Sport 70 - for the sun-scared people. and skin cancer phobic ones. Also perfect for athletes! :) Waterproof as well :)

- VMV Two Way Foundation ( go get the Illuminants one! it brightens the face ). I swear it doesn't cake on your skin, and it doesnt dry up your wallet as much too!!! Whee, didn't that sound fun? It's not a cheap thrill since it doesn't damage your skin. :)

- VMV Superskin Line- For kiddos below aged twenty ( or if you have a serious problem with pimples , or dry skin ). This line is very affordable! It was one of the products that helped me clear up my skin during my teen years :) You can purchase a starter kit, to test if the product is okay with you. Did you hear that? We have mini's! :)

- VMV Id Line - for men, and women. When you hit the age 20, you have to be conscious about your skin care, and I'm not exaggerating if I tell you to start on your anti-ageing routine! Also perfect for men, who shave. Eliminates chicken skin, and bumps!

- VMV Glykeros Line - the anti-ageing skin care for women aged 40 and above. Many raves about this! :) Lift, Lift up your face!

-VMV Id Soap - This has got to be the most effective product to eliminate back pimples , which only costs 189 pesos . Ain't no buffing soap cool enough ! :P I can swear on this one! I've had three friends who have tried this, two having back pimples, and one, wanting to scrub off her sunburned skin. She told me that the sunburned skin peeled off amazingly after one use, and she was so happy about it! :)

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Be a VMV Beauty! ( or Handsome, for that Matter! )

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