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Friday, February 24, 2006

Beautynomics Prom Special Part Two
The Beautynomist as Prom-sitter

PROM PROM PROM PROM PROM. Well, it was just one of those nights that I could never forget. Since my school was coed, we didn't have really dates that we chose ( teachers assigned our dates, with ratio 2 or 3:1 in favor of the boys ), so it was more of a fun night with my best buddies. I just had a blast preparing for it, and attending it, that I just couldn't let go of the wonderful experience - hence, extending my help to my younger sister, who was just always dependent on me for beauty advice ( Can't blame her, she always gets the best results! ). Of course, as my dearest sister, I had to make sure she looked like a goddess, not some godmother or granny, or any prom girl disaster slash nightmare. I just had to made sure no one insulted my sister ( or else, I would have stabbed her with my lethal lipstick..whapak! ) , for that matter, so it was a must for me to pick the right dress, pick the right accessories, and pick the right look :)

Anyways, back to the story. Whatever happened after our fun makeup session?

Well, we went straight to the hotel suite. I asked them to change, so that I can do my "finishing touches". I brought along with me my "emergency makeup bag", and laid them out on the table ( Oh boy, were they surprised! Hahaha )

Wow. Their looks are complete. Makeup + Face Makeup. Well, not quite. NOT QUITE!

I got my brush and went to work. First, I applied finishing powder to their faces. Now, after makeup ( foundation+blush+lippies ), it is a MUST to apply finishing powder sheerly to your face ( include the lips ) to be able to "set" the makeup - keep them into place, and prevent "melting" or fading prematurely. It gives your full makeup a whole lot longer lasting power. So people of the world, please include the term "finishing powder" to your makeup list, and "finishing" to your makeup routine :) Transluscent powders would do great in this.

After that, it still wasn't quite finished. With the perfect faces, the upper chest ( or the visible flesh area ) must look really smooth, and clean. Prior to their makeup session, I already asked them to take a shower, and use an exfoliating product for the body - to reveal new, and glowing skin. To further enhance the bare skin, I applied bronze shimmers. Now , they are officially princesses.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Pretty women, yeah, yeah yeah :P

After some spritzes of fragrance ( I recommend EDT or EDP for a night-long alluring scent) , Tadah, tadah, and mega tadah! I love my girls! Very cooperative girls. They entrusted their whole selves to me, and of course, they weren't disappointed!

Image hosting by Photobucket


The purse. Must haves? I suggested these.


The staples - A small pack of facial tissues , mobile phone, and some money

Blotting paper -for oily skinned gals. There's a huge difference of a tolerably oily face ( some glow, but not too oily. This happens a lot. ) , and a face too shiny that resembles a sun's glare - very hurtful to the eyes. )

Lipgloss - goodness, people, we're eating dinner! The glossies will definitely go away, so there is a definite need for retouch.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Bloom Lipgloss Mini's - they fit into your tiny purse! Couldn't find a picture, but they do have a smaller one @ the Beauty Bar!

And If your purse can handle it - a small compact of pressed powder. Retouch!

It was still early, so we went crashing to other hotel suites while I was having fun taking pictures. ( I look young, so I don't have trouble blending in..kidding! I wish. ). Some girls were still having their makeup done, and some girls were being cam-whores that we had so much fun in our photoshoot! ( me = frustrated photographer ) I loved the bathtub scene. Hahaha

Image hosting by Photobucket

The Bathtub Scene! Do you know..where you're going to?

Image hosting by Photobucket

The supermodel-pout! hahahaha :)

I was almost about to leave, and meet my friends at Glorietta for makeup shopping and dinner, but I was having too much fun socializing with the girls , I felt like I was one of them! ( teenagers very excited about the day. Well, my sister claims that I was the more excited one than her, or even half of her batch! Haha =) )

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Left : Ladies in full bloom. Sigh. Right : Sigh again, the glow of youth! =)

One observation. Just to teach these pretty teens to better prepare for prom, or whatsoever occasion in the future! The biggest culprit for ruining something beautiful - back pimples. Back pimple scars. Wah!!!!

Want to sport that sexy-back look? A sexy back is one of the most alluring sights ever created. I swear, a sexy back works wonders for any girl! =) Baby girls, after high school, you're free to wear anything you want! Some would go daring, some would go skimpy, but do it right! With a flawless back! :P

I know it's a natural thing to have pimples every now and then, but back pimples should be erased off your back whenever you want to sport a backless, tube, or any outfit that would bare your back. Don't even think that your hair can cover it. When you try to flirt around and flip your hair, you're dead!

So, my biggest advice to those who have back pimples/ pimple scars, try to get rid of them! Mostly, they come from sweat. Sometimes, they come from your shampoo as well.

One product. VMV Id Soap ( found at leading department stores nationwide..) . Price? Rock bottom. Effect? A flawless back minus the pimples ( thanks to the salicylic acid, it zaps the zits ), and no traces that you ever had a history of back zits ( thanks to the buffing effect ). Although, if your zits are still fresh, and painful, try to rub the soap with your hands first, then just gently apply the lather to your back. Too much exfoliating can make the zits worse. It's way better than using a concealer. Other alternatives, any product with salicylic acid on it. Applying a thin layer of panoxyl on your zits after shower ( a thin layer, too much will burn your skin ) can also be alright. Oh, right, Acne Aid's okay too ( it's a bar of soap ).

Other preparations a month before the prom , beauty- wise, are as follows :

1. Have a home-hotoil treatment or deep conditioning treatment for your hair twice a week for a month. ( would only cost you at least 300 pesos a tub of Alberto Culver Avocado Wax , or if you prefer, a pricier yet nicer one, Kerastase Masquintense )
2. Try to whiten your underarms! Wash all your deodorant residues every night, before you sleep. Tawas can actually help, and calamansi ( applied to underarms with a cotton )
3. Staying away from fatty foods, eating fresh fruits and veggies, and sleeping early, for bright eyes, and glowing skin. Like I did with ampalaya. Gosh, it was a huge sacrifice for me!
4. A few days before, have a pedicure and manicure. You don't want your nails to be all red on prom night, right?

Anyway, I left the hotel a happy, and proud sister. I just experienced a gazillion utils ( meaning utils can't even measure it since it's too much ), as my heart was overflowing with joy that my sister was indeed blossoming into a beautiful lady.

Image hosting by Photobucket

It was ladies' night after all! :P

Did I behave just like a beautynomist ( in other words, ME?) Definitely. Economists love efficiency - I sure was one efficient prom-sitter there! I did make sure that everything was perfect for my girls. I made them reach their highest satisfaction ( with their great looks ) at the least cost possible, without compromising quality. And, I was a public good! ( meaning : everyone benefitted from me, while I gave away my service for free. ) I was the photographer for my sister and friends, as well as the emergency makeup fixer! So there you go, mission accomplished :P

Image hosting by Photobucket

High school rocks!

( My supply and demand installments are way delayed! Watch out for it. I have another special for next week, too! Stay tuned =) )

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