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Monday, February 13, 2006

Full Coverage....

Saturday night was a blast. Attending a lovely wedding of my friend's brother, sisterhood bonding with my coolest college girlfriends - it was one precious night. Everyone was so dressed up, in full makeup - Oh, how I love the sight of beautiful people. Gorgeous women flaunting their curves in their gowns, and dashing men in their best barong. ( or only haha )

I was dropped off after work ( yes, I was plagued with work last Saturday ) at Katherine's house, and to my glee, I was an hour early. Looking at her face without any makeup on, I so wanted to do her a makeover - I want to do everyone makeovers. When she saw the vanity kit I brought - and I laid them out in her vanity table, she got all confused - I think it was way too much! hehe :)

Our full coverage makeup was summed up as follows :

1. Makeup Base - We used tinted moisturizer as our makeup base. The beauty of tinted moisturizers, is that it makes your skin look very evenly colored, gives your skin a very healthy glow, and if you're lucky with a good brand, gives you a very flawless look. It works wonders!

2. Concealer - Used my concealer to conceal my undereye circles! Get one shade lighter than your skin tone. The trick is pat lightly under the eyes. Too much would make you look like a ghost. hehe :)

3. Foundation - I used my reliable wet/dry pressed powder and applied my foundation using a sponge spritzed with Moisture Mist ( never use tap water...Evian can suffice ). Katherine used her Clinique Foundation in powder form.
* tip : skip foundations, or any powder for that matter, which contains talc. It looks cakey on the skin! Settle for mica, or rice starch. :)

3. Brow/ Eye Makeup - We applied some color to our brows to give it more shape. Used brow brush + dark brown brow powder to do that. Now comes the fun part -the eyes! I was in a very adventurous mood with Katherine's eyes. Being a gorgeous chinita that she is, and wearing something earth-tone, I mixed hues of brown on her eyes. A wash of light matte brown on the whole eyelid, a glimmery blue-brown shade on the crease, some other deep hue of brown to mix with the gimmery blue-brown for more drama, and a shimmery yellow-bronze on the browbone for highlight. I was actually very surprised with what I have done to her eyes - I did a great job! ( Yes, I can be the next Kevin Aucoin! , kidding ) . I actually realized, effective today, that really, my powers only work for the good of others! I wasn't really thrilled with my eye makeup - purplish something. Next time, I'm buying a vanity mirror that I can magnify anything, to help me with my eye makeup!

4. Blush -We're gals who have oil glands that have a mind of their own, like rebels in highschool ( in short, oileeeee ) so we used powder blushes. I used my ever reliable NARS Orgasm - a peachy-pink shade that is said to be the most flattering shade for anyone ( universal shade, as they say ). I liked the effect on me! Katherine used her Shiseido blush- I actually liked it! It was very baby pink-ish with shimmers in it , and I can't find it anywhere online! Maybe it was a limited edition product. I can't even read what it was because the label was all in Japanese
. So much for my potential fairy look.

5. Lipgloss - With the wedding reception to be long, and will involve eating, we needed something that would stay on our lips. I used a lipliner to make my lips naturally colored, then applied Lancome Juicy Crayon ( 02? It's red ). To coat it all up, I used something I just purchased...L'Oreal Glam Shine Sorbet in Strawberry. It has a luscious look to it since it's very glossy...and pink. Katherine used her reliable Clinique lipstick - I didn't get the shade, but it was glossy nude. Very sexy.

6. Over-all finishing - Some people just finish their makeup after the last swipe of lip product. I beg to disagree. Makeup has to be set, no matter what, to stay put for the night. I introduced Katherine to my ever-favorite finishing powder. Finishing powder actually sets your makeup, refines your makeup ( because some foundations aren't perfect. they tend to cake. ( mine doesnt!! but I'm segurista ) It makes your skin look so luminous and perfect like a porcelain doll. Well, just something close to that. We used a huge powder brush for that, tapped some powder to the lid ( the container ), swirled the powder brush to get the finishing powder, and tapped to set aside the excess amount. ( I got this technique from Bare Escentuals. They teach women to do this with their product ). The brush strokes have to be up- down since facial hair grows downwards. ( You can't defy it, or else, it gets more visible ).

Tadah, we're done! I must say we experienced maximum utility, or satisfaction with the way we looked that night. We headed to the hotel, and met up with other girl-friends. We also saw some girls all dressed up - there was a prom! Ohh...I feel like a young girl again. :) It just seemed like it was yesterday that I dressed up for my prom - dyed my hair black to look like Snow White ( hehe, I try! ), and put on my princess-like purple gown to enjoy the night away on my Senior year. Now, it's my younger sis, who's 4 years younger than me, that will be having her prom next week. .... I'm also excited for her! :)

Anyway, when the night was over, we just crashed to Starbucks, near our old school, for drinks. Like old friends, old classmates, we chatted the night away like college we used to do.

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I love my friends that I can retouch their makeup whenever they want! =)

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