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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beautynomics Prom Special, Part 1 - Makeup

Prom, in a girl's perspective, must be one of the highlights and memorable events in her teenage life. It's all about over-preparing, dressing up really pretty in elegant formal wear, dancing the perfect night away, with a date, or with friends. It's all about being a princess for a night. I remember how I ate ampalaya for a month just to clear up my skin in time for my prom ( I succeeded hehe ), and how I scouted for really good makeup artists to have my makeup done.

If you ask me if I remember my classmates' gowns during our prom, I say I don't. If you ask me who did their makeup, I can answer that. I think I've memorized their looks for the night with their corresponding makeup artists/salons. hehe :) (sheesh, it's still crystal clear to me, and it was 5-6 years ago already. )

My sister asked for my help for her prom because she thought I was the best person to help her out ( hehe it was an obvious choice ). So I did my job, and scouted for a really good salon that can offer really good hair and makeup, without the steep price tag. Her classmates were in budget, and were not willing to splurge too much, since their gowns were already expensive enough. Yeowch, I can feel their wallets in pain. The makeup artist that did such a good job on me during my prom quit his job already, so I couldn't find him. So I tried to recall my past prom which made-up look I loved. And I booked a month in advance, with Watercolors Salon.

Watercolors Salon is situated in the vicinity of West Avenue ( near Tomas Morato area ). You turn left to Zamboanga Street, and find signages leading to the salon. Upon arriving there, we were pleasantly astonished to walk into a pleasant-looking salon - a spa-like entrance, with welcoming sounds of water coming from the fountain (very therapeutic). Upon entering the salon itself, we were graced with a very spacious ambience that you could walk around inside the salon.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Such a relaxing ambience! Spacious workspace!

As my three girls ( yes, I was tasked to take care of three girls - my cousin, my sister, and their good friend ), sat down, I watched their artists do the work. Proprietor/Creative Director Val dela Fuente, and Senior Artist Ghie worked their magic on my girls - making use of the impressive array of colors in their palettes (woah, they really have ALOT! I was swooning at their collection ) to transform my girls from simple schoolgirls to breathtaking beauties within one and a half hour. I The guy who fixed their hair wasn't bad either! He was super great with his job. Waves were so in, so I asked the hair stylist to style their hair with various kinds of waves. :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Watercolors staff doing their magic!

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

My beautiful girls! =) I'm so proud it's making me cry! But I have mascara on..hold it!

Good thing we were first to arrive, because in the middle of our makeup session, other clients started walking in, as they just waited for us to finish, and others transferred into another room for other services.

While my girls were having their makeup done, I was also busy checking the place. At the counter, I swooned with their array of makeup for sale, and also really nice makeup brushes! Watercolors prides itself for having its own line/brand of makeup - lipsticks manufactured in Germany, while powders and eye shadows made in New York. They carry the professional line of ArtDeco makeup brushes - I love them! I was almost tempted to buy a 6-pc. brush set with an attractive pouch, but they didn't accept credit cards!! ( that was a sign for me not to overindulge ).

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Swoonlicious palettes....wishing I could take me home all of these..:P

My girls were very happy with their hair, and makeup! I could see it in their faces, and of course, smiles! ( their puckers were applied with very unique, yet very attractive lip colors! ) And my wallet was happy too. For such great service, and impressive hair and makeup service, plus relaxing ambience, the Creative Director only charges 950 php ( $ 18 ), and Senior Artist 850 php ( $ 16 )! It was almost unheard for such reasonable rate to exist . I know another salon which charges the same, but the girls come out more hideous! ( Sorry ) I usually don't trust salons who charge this price so friendly - some might use sub-standard makeup, some might not even be skilled enough to do it well. But this? This is heaven-sent! Overall, we found a rare gem in Watercolors - great , great service, with a really reasonable rate! :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

With the Watercolors staff ( left - right ) : Creative Director Val, Senior Artist Ghie, and the guy in blue, the ever kalog hairstylist ( didn't get your name! Dang..)

Makeup, as I always say, can make, or break a person. It can transform a frog into a princess, and a princess into a frog. There's no such thing as looking better without makeup. It's how the makeup is done. Kevyn Aucoin,the acclaimed makeup artist, in his book, even transformed a man, into a woman through makeup.( I hardly distinguished it ). So it's very crucial, in preparing for a prom, to find the best makeup artist you can afford. It's up to you if the price is too steep, or just worth it. After all, people have different opinions of whether the price is too much, or not.

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P.S. They also have another branch, located in Shangri-La Mall :)
To inquire about their services, here are the contact details for Watercolors Salon :
Main Branch :
25 Zamboanga St., West Ave., QC Tel. No. : 376-4323
Shangrila Plaza Branch:
406 Shangri-La Plaza, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City Tel. No. : 633-0670

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