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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mineral Makeup - What Women Demand! =)

Women have always wanted these qualities in makeup. I think that this was just wishful thinking way back, say 5-10 years ago. Or if it was created for a long time already, it certainly hasn't tapped too much of the market. Thank God for modern technology and the wonders of advertising, the miracle product has reached my ears. I'm a convert.

Well, going back to the word "qualities" of a makeup that women would want, I could enumerate these :

1. Hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin
2. Would not aggravate acne and rosacea
3. Makeup so clean that you can even sleep on it.
4. Noncomedogenic - would not cause you breakouts whatsoever
5. Helps you achieve the natural look - your skin looking flawless as if there is no trace of
makeup, but there really is! =)
6. Could heal your skin! =)

Well, who wouldn't want this? Scrap conventional foundations and go MINERAL! =) Yes, Mineral Makeup! They're so hot right now, specially in the United States since they're made of pure, inorganic minerals, that wouldn't hurt your skin a bit. They're made of really fine minerals that could help you achieve that flawless look, for a fraction of the price since they're made of pure minerals, not just pure advertising!

TALC, move over! No one would want to use you on someone's face. It's not only comedogenic, it also gives of a cakey look. MICA is the new IT mineral. It's way finer, that would help achieve a flawless smooth no makeup look, plus it doesnt clog up your pores. Most mineral makeup are in powder form ( not actually powder, more on loose minerals ), so they're kinda messy, but you'll certainly have fun playing with them! Love kabuki brushes for this! =)

I mean, like WOW! =) I think everyone should try Mineral Makeup. No more worries about skin breakout out from make up, no more unbreathable makeup. Pure makeup is here to stay! Check out various brands :

1. ) Bare Escentuals/ i.d. Bare Minerals ( the frontrunner since it earned its stall space @ Sephora )
2. ) Pure Luxe Cosmetics
3. ) Jane Iredale Minerals
4. ) Aromaleigh
5. ) Alpha Skin Care
6. ) YoungBlood Minerals

and many many more! Some Mineral makeup are only sold at websites, so check them out! If you could make your mineral makeup, so much the better!

So , our dream makeup, is not a myth anymore. It well exists, and are waiting for your purchase!!!=) And moreso, PERFECTION is at our hands' reach! ( wallet haha ). Perfect skin can be well achieved with mineral makeup. Trust me. =)

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