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Friday, May 05, 2006

Beautifyng Oneself Results in Revenues!

Unbelievable? You have to believe me! You'll learn why as you keep reading *wink*

So, I believe, there is some business sense reading and writing my Beautynomics blog, when I read somewhere, acclaimed Economist Hal Varian's article ( his textbook way back in college was fulla math! ) for the New York Times ( I read via my Manila Bulletin Saturday Edition ), that beautiful women, and handsome men, get paid higher than those of mediocre looks. Sounds unfair? Well it isn't really.

Remember what employers look for their potential employees, their trainees and managers-to-be? Aside from an impressive resume full of straight A's, tons of recommendations from college professors, and gazillions of org activities spearheaded, they also want CONFIDENCE in their potential employee. People who look good, and know it, tend to act more confident than those who are insecure. They tend to know what they're doing, and they know that they can charm their clients as well as impress them with their skills as well. Nothing beats a goodlooking manager oozing with confidence and sex appeal. So goodlooking people get those high-paid jobs! =)

So is it the end for the mediocre caste in the beauty world? Certainly NOT. This is where I come to the rescue! Remember what century, and decade we live in? Within this time, I am most happy to be born and living! This is the age wherein modern technology can do ANYTHING! =) Including transforming a plain jane into a vavavoom vamp! :)

The solution? Investment in the following :

1. Skin Care - keep skin clear with your skin care regimen! Go for waterbased products :) Nothing beats healthy and glowing skin. That's where it all starts! Investing in skincare also provides long term results such as retarding the pace of aging in your skin. :)
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The VMV Hypoallergenics Id Skin Care line does not only help you keep a clear face, it also keeps your skin young for it has anti-aging properties as well.

2. Makeup! - The transformation begins here! As I said, makeup can make or break a person. If you choose the right products, and apply the right way, rest assured that you can gain your self confidence just by applying makeup. Most makeup today don't look noticeable anymore. They are so fine that they provide flawless finishes that mimicks your skin. So you look like you have naturally great skin, with rosy cheeks! :) How's that? :)
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Invest in Mineral Makeup - they don't hurt and wouldn't harm your skin a bit since they're so
pure! =) My suggestion's this really cool Bare Escentuals Starter set - it has foundation, mineral veil ( finishing powder/mineral ), warmth ( an allover face color ) + Rever Upper ( primer/ vitamins for the skin, and 3 brushes. For $60, this is a great investment! ). There are also other less expensive brands available, but this is so far the one most visible in the market.=)
for those in the Philippines, HongKong, Singapore, or anywhere without this, I have
an Asian distributor, please do contact her via her site, BareBeauty

Well, what are you waiting for ! You oughta start taking care of your skin and scouting for good makeup products. These are great investments that can give you a good future, as well as oozing confidence! They're both good for you :)

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