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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beautynomics Awake From Her Blissful Sleep / Headline : Third World Economies Responsible for Our Oily/Dirty Skin!

Yes, its me again! =) After serene, quiet nights of reading Harry Potter 3 to 6, undergoing a no-joke water therapy for nourishment ( try it ! it's really good, less headaches! ), and actually sleeping before 12 midnight, I am back, all fresh, and feeling good about myself. The Holy Week actually gave me time to give myself a well-deserved break though it still wasn't enough! haha :)

Anyway, a friend of mine has just come from Hong Kong, and commented that her makeup stayed on all day, despite of her oily skin condition ( as she said ). The air was just so clean there! Some economic underlying? Of course there is some Economics behind that! Let's see...

(Stretches her arms, and is ready to write! hehe )

First world economies have the best technologies given their high GDPs/GNPs. They have actually passed through, and graduated the stage wherein only the income of the economy was top priority. Aside from the income that they obviously have already, their citizens have more time to spend time on themselves, thus taking up Liberal Arts courses such as writing, education, history, etc. I mean, in this country ( a third world one ), taking up such is economical suicide and living a plebeian's life - totally sacrificial. In the progressive first world economies - it is a luxury - for their minds. Okay, so now we're with progressive individuals...they're actually minding themselves already, and of course, what do they mind, as well?


With the thinking that human life is most important of all, and with money to spend, those progressive economies adapt environment-friendly technologies, which are indeed more expensive than conventional ones that emit smoke, and pollution. Sometimes, their technologies become less efficient because of the cost of producing from an environment-friendly plant, they do their dirt someplace else...and you can guess where.

Yes, and third world economies, are called Pollution Havens. Some of the foreign plants here ( manufacturing ) have conventional technologies that still emit pollution. And of course, the third world's budget for technology, given their small income and purchasing power, only goes for the conventional ones, that emit pollution!

So there ya go, that's why pollution is everywhere. That's why you see a dark cloud of pollution surrounding the metropolis as you drive away from the city. Even cars here are pollution emitters. Totally merciless for our skin!

So as my best bud flies to Canada, all her blemishes ( if she has them ) would slowly vanish, and when I next see her, I'd definitely see rosy cheeks! She's saved herself from the pollution! Sigh, fresh air, fresh air.

So again, it answers my question WHY my skin oils every 5 minutes. Why my makeup doesn't last all day, why I have to spend tons of money for skin care. It's not just me ( I admit, it CAN be me, but not JUST me! ), the economy's actually conspiring to damage my skin! (hahaha no offense! this is just a fun post )

Lesson learned? People from the third world oughta invest heavily on skin care, so at the end of the day, you can ALL scrub off the dirt off your ( or rather our ) faces ! :)

Another step, for clearer skin, is cleaning the house. ( Boy, I bet your moms would be happy when you read this! ) :)

Image hosting by Photobucket
The Economy Must Pay for Our Blotting Papers! hehehe :)
Notice : this is just a vain shout out! no offense intended! =)
I dont wanna get those " the economy needs to improve, and blotting papers arent their priority toodles! well, some benefactor just give us some supply!! whee! :)

Anyway, tata for now, until the next post!

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